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Relationships Are a Tale-Tell of Your Self Worth

A lot can told about the knowledge of your self-worth or lack thereof simply by the relationships and people you are involved with in your life.  Inspect your relationships and circle and evaluate.  Are they focused, determined, loyal, dependable, incorruptible, movers, shakers, inspiring, motivators, and world changers?  If not, then more than likely you don’t esteem yourself to be either.  I mean, let’s just be real.  People with millionaire mindsets do not hang out with and befriend people with poverty mindset. People who are motivated do not hang out with and befriend lazy people. Fact is fact.  Who and what are you around?

Many times we get into relationships both intimate and friend, based upon how much we value and see in ourselves. Our relationships are a mere reflection of how we view and feel about ourselves. Typically, people who do not have the full revelation of their value and worth in the eyes of God will attract and be attracted to relationships that will not add value to their life.  Rather to relationships that will devalue their life.
People that are in abusive relationships whether it be physical, emotional, or mental have little to no  knowledge of self-worth.  This is true of both the abuser and the victim.  The abuser doesn’t know that they are worth more than abusing someone and the victim doesn’t know that they are worth more than to receive the abuse.  In fact, the abuser maybe in a cycle of abuse where they were once abused.
If you find yourself developing new relationships the same or similar to past ones, you are in a cycle. TIME OUT!!  Don’t be so quick to jump into a new relationship until you’ve taken some time for yourself, some time to get to know yourself outside of being with someone else, and sometime to love and allow God to love on you. You cannot properly love someone less you know how to properly love yourself. As you begin to love and value yourself, then will you see a change in your relationships and the people you are involved with and allow in your life. As you learn your worth, you’ll be able to establish standards and create healthy boundaries. Why, because you know your worth!  We are ALL God’s creation and He says that we are His masterpiece (Ephesians 2:10) and are precious, honored and loved by him (Isaiah 43:4).  There is no one that is more special to Him.  Listen!  Not everyone is worthy of you and your time.

Journey to Self Discovery

You’re Not Selfish. You’re pursing purpose!

Identity & Purpose

An Amazingly Doosey 2016

As the 2016 year comes to an end, take the time to reflect on all the happenings of the year.  I know for many including myself 2016 has been a doosey!  For me, some amazing things happened to me and for me that felt amazing.  I became a first time homeowner, obtained my current dream car, my eldest daughter gave her life to Christ and is living for the Lord, restoration occurred in our relationship, I became a ministry leader at my Church, my two eldest granddaughters were dedicated, I passed the first part of my exam to become a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, I became a grandmother for the 3rd time, began my blog, booked my first speaking engagement, and have witnessed some growth in my family!

Even in all of that, I had some things that happened to me and for me this year that didn’t feel so amazing but were absolutely amazing.  I’m talking about some challenging and at times painful moments of growth and change.  This has been a year of becoming solid in my identity and embracing all that God has purposed for me to be and do regardless of what others may say, think, or feel!  It has been a time of digging up and uprooting negative seeds that had been planted and designed to keep me comfortable and within the confines of my Egypt.

It is so easy to see these challenging times from a negative perspective because change and growth is not the most pleasant feeling.  Let’s just be real, it at times hurts like hell!  Growth requires change and it doesn’t feel good but it is so good for me and you.  When I understood that what doesn’t grow, dies, I couldn’t help but to be grateful that God who is not dead but alive sees fit for me to be alive too!  Why not right? I am His Child.

I know growth is not always the most amazing feeling, but it is so amazing and life giving!  Absent from growth, complacency and stagnation settles and becomes a breeding ground for seeds of hopelessness, depression, anger, bitterness, envy, and jealousy to grow.  The heart then becomes calloused and stops beating, walls go up and death happens.  Deception says, these walls are walls of wall of protection.  The truth is they are walls of imprisonment to bring about death.

So now, aren’t you grateful for the growing pains??  The tumultuous painful times of this year were by no means a ploy by the enemy or even a consequence or punishment from God.  They were times of preparation getting you and me ready to THRUST into 2017 with no holds barred!!  Happy New Year!!!!!

Living the sweet life,

Afresh & Anew



Heelllooo and Happy Holidays!!!

Thank you in so much for taking the time to read this post.  It actually is my 1st one?…Yay!!!  I am so excited??. This blog site was actually created a year ago and this is my 1st time posting?  It was created because I felt like God had placed it on my heart to start writing and sharing things He wanted me to share with others.

So many things prevented me from posting, FEAR being the dominate thing.  I use to be a perfectionist and it stopped me from ever getting started.  I was paralyzed by that thing y’all!  I still have remnants of perfectionism but I was determined to not allow this year to end without at least posting one time.  I don’t have a specific topic and I didn’t think long and hard about what I would write about.  I just know I HAD to post at least once before the 2016-year end and here I am!  Can I tell you about the incredible feeling I felt on the inside from breaking past the barrier of fear and the dysfunction of perfectionism! ?. I mean that song, “I Feel Good” ? by James Brown just dropped in my spirit??!   It’s such a liberating feeling to be free????

Moving forward, as I mentioned previously I’ll be writing more… sharing things about my life journey and experiences both current and past in hopes that it will help and encourage someone.

Before I go though, let me encourage someone that may be dealing with the same struggles of fear and perfectionism, which by the way is just a more tolerant name for sin?, that the hardest part of overcoming the fear is STARTING. Just as I’m writing now, I literally feel as if the chains are being broken in the moment and liberty is prevailing!!

As time goes on and I continue to write, I will be able to see my progress and will be able to measure my success.  How awesome is that?? I had to change my perspective concerning this from focusing on the negative to the positive that can come about this journey!  There is a cliché saying that has truth to it ” Nothing beats a failure but to try.”  So guess what…  I’m no longer failing??

Until next time, please take the time to learn a little bit about me if you haven’t done so already and I look forward to sharing and growing with you.  Wishing you Happy Holidays!

Living the Sweet Life,

God’s Goodness is Not Circumstantial

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