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About Chermel

Hey there!  I’m Chermel Williams and my friends, associates, and the like call me Mel, Mel-Mel, and Mellie Mel!

I am a California Native, born in Los Angeles, raised primarily in West Covina, CA.  I am single and a mother of three children, Alicia, Lesley, & Jermelle, one dog, London, and grandmother to Sweetiesgirlz, Kalaiya, Kylie, and Malaiya, I am also a daughter, sister, counselor, social worker, servant leader, and a die-hard Jesus lover!

I graduated in 2010 from Cal State Dominguez Hills with a Bachelor of Science in Public Administration and later in 2013 from University of Phoenix with a Master of Science in Counseling and am the first in the family to obtain a graduate degree.

My passion and purpose in life is to encourage and empower individuals to their maximum potential and live “the sweet life”  I do this through a number of ways this being one of them.  I am currently a social worker with the Children & Family Services and a Marriage and Family Therapist Intern (MFTI).  I am also the CEO/Founder of BitterSweet Encounters.  An organization established in 2015 with the mission of helping people become all that they can be, have all they can have, and do all they can do through counseling, spiritual coaching, and mentoring.

I attend, serve, and lead at what I think is the BEST church in the world… Kingdom Culture Worship Centre.  There also do I have the privilege and opportunity to fulfill my passion and purpose of encouraging and empowering individuals.  Through the leadership of my senior pastors, I am constantly challenged to want better, do better, and be better and to be in purpose.  As I have discovered and continue to discover God’s plans for my life, I have been charged to help others to discover and push them to want better, do better, and be better also.  In the words of Snoop Dog, it ain’t no fun, if the homies can’t have none!  I want everyone to be the best person they can be!

Outside of serving others, I love indulging in self-care activities.  Okay, let me just say… I love to sleep and have since I was a child!  I was that kid that would be outside playing one minute and the next either I went in the house to take a nap or if there was a grassy area with something to lay on, I would just go to sleep there.  I am very much introverted so I enjoy spending time alone as well as with both my natural and spiritual family.  I love prayer and worship and I like nice things and consider myself to be a bit fashionable.  I love music and concerts, specifically contemporary jazz, worship, gospel, and real R&B from my era.  Dancing and bowling were a couple of activities I actively engaged previously and still enjoy and I am in discovery of my creative ability.

These past five years of my life has been a bittersweet journey of self-discovery.  So much healing and breakthrough from my past, it has been incredibly insane in a good way.  I’ve made some great accomplishments and am overly excited for what God continues to birth out of lil olé me as my story continues to be told.  My personal experiences and my professional background as a counselor have equipped me to inspire those who desire to live life and not just exist.  My mission here is to touch the lives of others and help those who have yet to experience the sweet life, the life of purpose!



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